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Published reports show that the benefits of home staging are well worth the effort and expense.  On average, staged homes reportedly sell 88% faster and for 20% more versus non-staged homes. You or your client’s return on investment is exponential.

My Keys to YOUR Success

I know that you are a busy real estate professional.  You need to have the time to focus on what you do best.

Here is how I can contribute to your selling success:

  • I can work directly with your clients to make the best possible presentation of the listing property leaving more time for you to market it and sell it.
  • I can give homeowners more sensitive staging suggestions, opinions, and options that you may be reluctant to discuss.
  • I will offer you an option to pay through escrow once we have developed a business relationship.
  • I promise quick response times.
  • I transform a house into a home in which potential buyers can see themselves living.
  • I provide you with free social media promotion for those mutual property engagements through my personal and business channels.
  • I understand what homes in different price ranges, neighborhoods and architectures should look like to appeal to the most buyers.
  • I make sure that fresh trends are appropriately represented in each design scheme without overwhelming it. 
  • I have the necessary experience to make the property to stand out in the local marketplace.
  • I know how to work with contractors, painters, and other trades-people. 
  • I have established and extensively cultivated connective roots within our community at all levels that can be mutually advantageous to your bottom line.   

I have developed a successful design and staging service model that offers my clients comprehensive services in all aspects of home staging.  

Initial Real Estate Agent Design Consultation 

My initial one-hour per property design consultation with real estate agents is $50.  Once I have booked three staging engagements with a real estate professional, I will consider you an established client and the initial design consultation fees on all future properties are waived.


All engagements shall have a written agreement that will serve as a binding contract.  The contract will set forth the property address, applicable fees – initial real estate agent design consultation fee, homeowner designer services fee, real estate staging designer services fee and any additional services and charges, as well as the duration of staging engagement, and payment requirements.

Homeowner Design Services

Homeowner Design Services applies to staging homes when the homeowner remains in the residence and requires my time to consult and work with the homeowner to achieve the staging best results.   These services are typically charged at a rate of $65 per hour.  The homeowner designer services are typically more detailed and require more of a time investment than the Initial Real Estate Design Consultation of the staging engagement.  After the Initial Real Estate Design Consultation, I will produce a bid for any homeowner designer services project.   

I will make recommendations on design improvements that the homeowner can do on their own or with professional assistance and can include things like:

  • Updating color schemes
  • Removing excess clutter
  • Organizing displays
  • Rearranging furniture within or between rooms
  • Solving lighting problems
  • Reducing furnishing foot print
  • Rearranging art and accessories
  • Styling book shelves, fireplace mantels and display cabinets
  • Improving flow
  • Painting, organizing, cleaning and refurbishing suggestions
  • Recommending other cosmetic changes that may be relatively inexpensive but can yield significant results

Note: If it is necessary that I supplement the homeowners’ furnishings, art, accessories, etc., with my staging components, additional installation fees may apply.

Real Estate Staging Design Services

My Real Estate Staging Design Services apply to vacant houses and generally include the design and installation of furniture, art, and accessories for the following rooms:

  1. Living Room
  2. Dining Room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Master Bedroom
  5. 1 or Main Bathroom

The length of the staging installation is typically 60 days or once the sale is complete whichever occurs first.  Should additional rental time be needed beyond 60 days, a mutually agreed upon extended installation fee will be paid to the Designer.

Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate design requests but no specific furniture, art, or accessories can be promised or reserved.  The Designer will use her professional judgment and sole discretion to select pieces of furniture, art, and accessories to complete the engagement.

Designer Fees

  1. Initial one-hour real estate agent design consultation fee of $50.
  2. Homeowner Designer Services fees are charged at $65 per hour to be established by bid/agreement.
  3. Real Estate Staging Designer Services for designing and staging vacant properties. Charges per property are dependent on the size of the dwelling as well as the number of staging component requirements per installation.  Extra staging components can increase the total costs but typically the charges breakdown as follows (these fees are provided as representative examples):
  • $1,600 for a small home (1000 square foot or less).
  • $2,000 for a medium sized home (1000-1800 square feet)
  • $2,500 for a larger sized home (1800-2500 square feet)
  • To Be Determined on homes exceeding 2500 square feet.
  1. Extended installation fees of homeowner staging or real estate staging components beyond the 60 day engagement will be determined by mutual agreement.

Clients are responsible to assure that all construction, painting, flooring, and cleaning has been completed prior to staging install agreed upon date.  Should client need to reschedule the staging install date due to construction delays, the Client shall provide the Designer with 48 hours advance notice.  Notice of five business days is required to schedule staging pick up.

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